About Us


Making a Move is a reputed company that offers office, house, and residential moving services. The company has been active for the last three decades and this has greatly helped to ensure that we continue to offer the best services to our customers. We do take pride in the fact that we haven fully accredited and our licenses have not been cancelled for the last ten years. This is enough proof that we deliver the best services to our customers.

One of the key things about us is that we offer a wide array of social media marketing. This has greatly helped us to continue serving our customers well even when we do not have to or we feel like not working to. The services are also well priced to abide them with the economy and the financial status of our clients. If you are not sure about the total amount of money that you are most likely going to pay, get in touch by calling our toll free number or alternatively get in touch with our online customer care team.

Even though we are in our own league when it comes to provision of moving services, we are keen on ensuring that we deliver the best and that is why we have set up control measures that evaluate the quality of the services that we offer. Call us for more details about the company as well as house and commercial moving packages that we offer.